//Automation and power supply systems design


Our main engineering activities are design of automated process control systems and power supply of industrial buildings and constructions that include:

  • Concept design of automated process control systems and selection of main components and solutions
  • Design of the lower level of the process control system with the development of secondary circuits for connection to the equipment of the lower level, selection of instrumentation and actuators
  • Design of the middle (controller) level of the automated process control system with the distribution of signals over the PLC, controller-level networks for the implementation of connections between adjacent PLCs and subsystems
  • Designing the upper (HMI, server) level of the process control system including the network architecture and the upper level equipment
  • Cable engineering, equipment placement planning
  • Design documentation for the manufacture of low-voltage cabinets
  • Installation documentation for low-voltage cabinets, instrumentation with detailed specifications of mounting hardware and method of installation.

These works are performed using engineering software ePLAN Electric P8, AutoCAD. But the basis of high-quality implementation of engineering is always our extensive experience, best practices and accumulated solution base.

A list of completed INTENGIN projects is available on the REFERENCES page

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