//Commissioning of automation systems


On-site commissioning requires thorough preparation and experience of similar work. INTENGIN team is a competent performer of the following types of work:

  • Check the readiness of the primary and secondary circuits of the installation for compliance with the design documentation and the project;
  • Check the readiness for energising of the primary and secondary circuits of the installation;
  • Commissioning and parameterization of the variable frequency drive;
  • Commissioning and calibration of the instrumentation;
  • Metrological check of measuring circuits;
  • Hardware adjustment of the controller equipment and distributed peripherals, loading of application software and its testing;
  • Software commissioning of SCADA systems and human-machine interface;
  • Software commissioning of the automated functions of the installation: process open loop and close loop control, technological protection and interlocking;
  • Check and adjustment of industrial networks and digital communications between systems and lower level facilities;
  • Commissioning of remote monitoring of a facility or industrial installation;
  • Commissioning of field equipment: instrumentation, valves, electric drives, robotic machines.

Our engineers are certified to work with electrical equipment, regularly pass the test of knowledge of safety standards and take part in technical professional training.

It is possible to assign an individual engineer to the project as well as to form teams for the implementation of complex tasks within your project.

A list of completed INTENGIN projects is available on the REFERENCES page.

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