Re-inventing the Modular UPS

When a company with 20+ years of experience in modular inverters for Telecom and Industrial applications takes on the development of a UPS, the result is a solution that goes beyond traditional UPS’ standards … hence completely re-inventing the concept!

New topologies, new possibilities

Imagine a modular and truly redundant UPS which can combine up to 32 modules for a potential total power output of 640kW, and none of which being a master or a slave.

Modular yet standardized solutions

The Agil Modular UPS will cover your power needs from 20kVA to 640kVA with 3 different cabinet-based solutions:

  • Agil 60 will be the ideal solution if you never expect your load to exceed 60kVA
  • Agil 160, allowing up to 160kVA in just one cabinet!
  • Agil 640 is the ultimate solution for loads up to 640kVA