Less power needs should not mean less efficiency.

When the output power need is low, redundancy and modularity are generally not needed, but why should efficiency also be reduced?

This is why CE+T Power decided to adapt its TSI Technology to stand-alone applications.

  • For low AC power telecom application (LTE for instance), our Y-one is the solution you are looking for!
  • Looking for a Hot pluggable Inverter with Automatic By-Pass? The Bravo ST is what you’re looking for!
  • The Bravo HC is a robust version of our modular 2.5kVA TSI Bravo, that is ideal for outdoor shelters with high AC inrush currents requirements (such as air-conditioning).
Bravo ST

Bravo ST

Low power requirements usually means the installation of a standalone inverter together with a Manual By-Pass The main inconvenient is of course […]

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