////An inverter that handles high inrush current


A load induced inrush current shouldn’t be an issue

The TSI Bravo HC inverter system is specially designed to start air-conditioning units, typically in telecom shelters, or motor loads. 
The TSI Bravo HC is a single phase Inverter with two operational modes called Online mode (DC to AC) and EPC mode (AC to AC), providing conditioned power with very high efficiency.

System Description

  • Massive power density providing up to 5KVA ina 2U package, or up to 10 kVA in two racks (4U)
  • The use of the TSI technology allows the systems to operate with up to 96% efficiency, and to have a seamless transfer between the primary and secondary sources
  • The TSI Bravo HC is able to provide 330% overload for a period of 900ms
  • The Inverter has dual (AC & DC) inputs, and has a Static Transfer Switch Function built-in
  • Terminal Blocks for ACin, ACout & DCin located at the front
  • Wall or Rack mountable

Technical Details

Bravo HC
AC Output power 2500VA / 2000W

5000VA / 4000W

Efficiency (EPC mode) 96%
DC input voltage 48Vdc
AC input voltage 230Vac
AC output voltage 200Vac/230Vac/240Vac
Transfer time 0ms
Width 19″
Depth 510mm
Height 2U
Weight +/- 11.5kg (2500VA)
+/- 16kg (5000VA)