Low power requirements usually means the installation of a standalone inverter together with a Manual By-Pass

The main inconvenient is of course that in case of an inverter failure, your load is down during the time it takes to access the site and engage the By-Pass!

No more!

The TSI BRAVO ST will bring the securitization of your critical load’s power to the next generation!

Hot pluggable Inverter with automatic by-pass

  • Hot pluggable inverter module requiring only seconds to be replaced
  • Automatic by-pass engagement in case of inverter failure
  • Switching back to the inverter automatically when the system is ready

Ideal Solution to Arcon ST replacement

  • 2U high : the Bravo ST will use the same space as the Arcon ST
  • Connections : all wiring of an existing Arcon ST installation can be re-used for DCin, ACin, ACout and signalling.
  • Alarms : being equipped with the T2S monitoring unit, the Bravo ST features the same alarms as the Arcon ST and more!

Improved Concept : Hot Pluggable By-Pass Module

  • No need for an external by-pass in case of Automatic By-Pass failure
  • By-Pass module can be removed and replaced without shutting down the system

Bravo ST Vs Arcon ST

For more detailed technical information, please check the Bravo ST Datasheet (soon available)

Bravo ST Arcon ST
Output Power 2.5 kVA or 5 kVA
(1.5 kVA or 3 kVA for 24Vdc)
1.25 kVA or 3 kVA
ACIn 230 Vac
150 Vac – 265 Vac
230 Vac
207 Vac – 253 Vac
ACOut 230 Vac 230 Vac
DCIn 24 V – 48 V – 110 V – 220 V
Typical efficiency* 96%
(94% for 24 Vdc)
Additional rectifier required No Yes
Inverter module(s) Hot pluggable Hot pluggable
By-Pass Hot pluggable Fixed

*Annual saving of 265$ when using a Bravo ST to secure a 1500 W load (0.15$ per kWh)