///Intelligent Current Control with LOCC Box


The electronic overload and short circuit monitoring LOCC-Box meets the requirements for selective shutdown with high cable impedance and integration into the existing communication level. It stands for a new generation of Industry 4.0 technology.

IOT and Industry 4.0 wiring protection

For safe wiring protection the switching of capacitive loads is optimal at all times. The system stores errors and thereby prevents the reoccurrence of the disturbance at the next switch-on. The error reporting with the LOCC-Box uses hardware or via Gateway to different field bus systems.

LOCC-Box is available as 1- and 2-channel versions on 8.1 mm overall width with up to 50 setting options in one module. The connection is made via bridges instead of wiring. The LOCC-Box also has a particularly compact system configuration with different variants.