Industrial bus systems

Siemens industrial communication offers all the components necessary for an integrated overall solution and supports the following bus systems:

Industrial Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 and 802.11 WLAN) – the international standard for area networking is currently the number one network in the LAN environment with a share of over 90%. Industrial Ethernet enables powerful communication networks to be constructed over wide areas.

The international PROFINET (IEC 61158/61784) standard uses Industrial Ethernet and allows real-time communication all the way to the field level while also integrating the enterprise level. With the full utilization of existing IT standards, PROFINET also allows isochronous motion control applications, efficient cross-manufacturer engineering and high availability of machines and plants on the Industrial Ethernet. PROFINET supports distributed automation (and controller-controller communication) and it allows fail-safe applications.

PROFIBUS (IEC 61158/61784) – the international standard for the field level is the global market leader among fieldbus systems. It is the only fieldbus to allow communication both in manufacturing applications and in process-oriented applications.

AS-Interface (IEC 62026-2/EN 50295) – the international standard which, as an alternative to the cable harness, links especially cost-effective sensors and actuators by means of a two-wire line.

IO-Link –
the standard for intelligently connecting sensors and actuators from the field level to the MES level.

The global standard KNX/EIB (EN 50090, ANSI EIA 776) is the basis for building automation.

Gateways are implemented via controllers or links. Configuration and diagnostics can be performed from any point in the plant.