SIMATIC PC-based Automation


Industrial IoT Gateway – SIMATIC IOT2000

An intelligent gateway which harmonizes communication between the various sources of data before analyzing it and forwarding it to the corresponding recipients. An easy-to-implement solution.


Industrial PCs

Our reliable and innovative industrial PCs are the optimal PC hardware platform for PC-based Automation from Siemens.

  • Rack PC
  • Box PC
  • Panel PC
  • Tablet PC
  • Industrial monitors and thin clients
  • Devices for special requirements
    • Fully-enclosed IP65 devices
    • Devices with stainless steel fronts
    • Devices for hazardous areas
  • IPC software
  • Embedded bundles/software packages


Software controller

The SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controllerimplements a SIMATIC S7-1500 controller on SIMATIC IPC. It is particularly suitable for control solutions in special-purpose machine manufacturing which involve a high-performance implementation of complex control tasks, the integration of PC applications, or the realization of multiple tasks on a single device.


PC-based controllers

PC-based controllers combine the functions of a PC-based software controller with visualization, PC applications and central I/Os (inputs/outputs) in a single, compact device. The SIMATIC ET 200SP Open Controlleris an industrial PC with the design of the ET 200SP I/O system and a pre-installed S7-1500 Software Controller.