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SIRIUS SC semiconductor switching devices

  • Solid State Relays
  • Semiconductor contactors
  • Functional modules

SIRIUS SC – for almost infinite activity
Standard electromechanical switching devices are often overloaded with an increase in the number of switching operations. High switching frequency causes frequent failures and shortens the instrument replacement cycle. However, this can be avoided due to our new SIRIUS SC semiconductor devices. We provide you with semiconductor relays and contactors with an extremely long service life – for almost infinite activity even under harsh conditions and severe mechanical loads, as well as in areas sensitive to noise.

Time-tested and again in service

SIRIUS SC semiconductor switching devices are designed for industrial applications. They are used for all applications where the load is switched at a high frequency – mainly with resistive load control, with control of electrical heating or control of valves and motors in conveyor systems. In addition to the use in areas with a high switching frequency, SIRIUS SC is perfectly suitable for use in areas sensitive to noise such as offices or hospitals.

The most reliable solutions for any application

In comparison with mechanical switching devices, our semiconductor relay SIRIUS SC surpasses them due to the long service life. Due to the high quality of the product, its switching is extremely accurate, reliable and immune to interference. With the possibility of changing the connection methods and the wide possibilities of control voltages, the SIRIUS SC family is universal in its application. Depending on the requirements of the application, our modular switching devices can be fairly easily extended with additional standard functional modules.

Always on the sunny side with SIRIUS SC
As SIRIUS SC can offer you even more than that:
• Saving spare parts and close-together placement with dense installation to each other, ensuring reliable functioning at an ambient temperature of +60 ° C
• Thanks to quick configuration and quick installation and commissioning, you save not only time but also costs

Further information

Notes on Integration into Load Feeders

The semiconductor switching devices SIRIUS SC are rather simply integrated into the load feeders due to their industrial connection technology and performance.
The focus should be on installation conditions and environmental conditions, since the parameters of semiconductor devices largely depend on these conditions. Depending on the option, certain limitations should be considered. For example, the detailed information on the appropriate minimum placement of semiconductor contactors and on the choice of radiators for semiconductor relays is given in product descriptions and technical data on the A & D Mall website.
Despite the uneven power of the semiconductors that occur in the supply network, semiconductor switching devices react more sensitively to short circuits in the load feeders. Therefore, special precautions are taken against damage depending on the type of performance.
Siemens usually recommends using SITOR semiconductor fuses. These fuses also provide protection against failure in the event of a short circuit and even when semiconductor relays and contactors are fully used.
Alternatively, at low load, protection can be carried out with standard fuses or miniature circuit breakers. This protection is achieved, respectively, by increasing the overall dimensions. The A & D Mall product data sheets and product descriptions contain details of semiconductor fuse protection and protective devices.
SIRIUS SC semiconductor switching devices are convenient for operation without interfering in industrial power systems without subsequent measurements. If they are used in the utility sector in power systems, it may be necessary to reduce conduction disturbances with filters. It does not include the special type 3RF2320-.CA. “Noise-proof” semiconductor contactors.