Level Measurement

  • Point level measurement – RF Capacitance switches
  • Point level measurement – Electro-mechanical switches
  • Point level measurement – Ultrasonic switch
  • Continuous level measurement – Ultrasonic transmitters
  • Continuous level measurement – Ultrasonic controllers
  • Continuous level measurement – Ultrasonic transducers
  • Continuous level measurement – Radar transmitters
  • Continuous level measurement – Guided Wave Radar transmitters
  • Continuous level level – Capacitance transmitters
  • Communications and Displays

RF Capacitance

RF Capacitance

Introduction Inverse frequency shift capacitance point level and material detection switches are designed to withstand the harsh environments of high pressure and […]

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Introduction Ultrasonic measurement is based on the speed of sound. Sound can be used as a measurement tool because there is a […]

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