Weighing components for automation systems

Whether central or distributed – with the SIWAREX weighing systems that can be integrated directly in the SIMATIC automation system, Siemens offers integrated solution concepts for weighing technology.

Here you will find an extensive range of weighing processors (for force measurements, hopper, batch, differential dosing and bagging scales, conveyor belt scales) and load cells including installation accessories (for force and weight measurement for use in harsh ambient conditions).

Continuous weighing

You will find the Milltronics product series for continuous weighing technology from Siemens in the industrial sectors where bulk materials are handled. In applications with gravel, ore, cement, coal, food or chemical products, the tried-and-tested conveyor scales, weighfeeders, solids flowmeters and transmitters from Siemens are the ideal solution. These products were designed specifically for the harsh operating conditions in the quarrying, cement and mining sectors. Their installation and maintenance is simple, and comprehensive technical support goes without saying.