//IoT for agricultural complex


In agriculture, many production processes are carried out in manual or semi-manual mode. This has a significant negative impact on the final result and the profit of the farm as a whole, since time is not used efficiently and some decisions are made too late. Unfortunately, there is a tendency of constant growth of prices for fuel, plant protection products, fertilizers, etc., which will continue in the future. These are the main cost items in agriculture, so you need to be sure that all these resources will be used for their intended purpose. There is a problem of fuel thefts, undesirable cruises, improper use of equipment, poor-quality cultivation, repeated drives, crop thefts, etc. Agricultural producers suffer enormous losses because of all this. Our IoT platform AgroVizor helps to effectively do business in the field of agriculture.

Using the methods of modern farming technologies, you get extensive opportunities to improve the efficiency of your agricultural business:

  • Refuse to increase land bank and supporitng resource
  • Process automation, minimization of the human factor
  • Rational use of existing capacity
  • Well-timed management decisions


The MeteoVizor complex can be installed near fields, on team’s transport, at corn floors, warehouses or directly in the field. The weather station allows you to take readings on the temperature of air, soil, rainfall over the period, speed and direction of the wind, the data on weather conditions on the date of sowing or the date of harvesting. The data is stored in the cloud from the moment of installation, it allows to conduct analytics and obtain summary information on the amount of precipitation in the context of a month or a year, average monthly air and soil temperature at a certain point in time. Mini weather stations with wind and temperature sensors installed on the sprayers allow you to monitor wind and temperature indicators when applying fertilizers or plant protection products. At an exit for an admissible indicator work of a sprayer is blocked.

The hardware-software complex for working with meteorological data allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • Pest and disease prediction
  • Meteorological data collection
  • Planning field treatment processes
  • Short period weather forecast
  • Custom alerts
  • Optimization of plant protection products treatments
  • Monitoring soil moisture available to plants
  • Optimal use of the machinery
  • Human resource saving
  • Reducing dependence on human factor

Hardware-software complex

  • 1 – Main unit
  • 2 – Air temperature, humidity, barometric pressure
  • 3 – Precipitation sensor
  • 4 – Wind direction sensor
  • 5 – Wind power sensor
  • 6 – Solar energy sensor
  • 7 – Solar battery
  • 8 – Soil temperature sensor
  • 9 – Soil humidity sensor
  • 10 – Leaf wetness sensor

How does the station work?

Processing and visualization of weather data
Analysis of the collected values, reaction to them
  • Table display of information
  • Graphic display of information
  • Possible risks indicator


Complex system for monitoring technological operations FieldVizor is a specialized system designed for agricultural business, which has its own specific features. Agricultural business starts with mapping. You can add (manually or import) all your own objects to the FieldVizor system (fields, elevators, warehouses, tank farms, etc.). Information on crops is entered for each field. Thus, you will be able to get full statistics about all the equipment and work carried out in each specific field for a certain period.
The agricultural business differs by a wide range of various equipment – tractors, harvesters, sprayers, towing equipment, trucks and cars. The task module allows you to plan technological operations for each unit of equipment: in the interface, you simply link the driver, the type of operation and the towing equipment to the machinery and assign it to the required field.


Transport location in online mode
Movement timeline for any time interval
Geographic areas – fields, roads, elevators and other objects
Timeline of works from a perspective of a field, a farm, a holding group
Tracking of speed modes depending on operations


Fuel consumption in online mode
Information on fuel fill-ups and fuel drains
Level of the fullness of a harvester bunker
Identification of drivers and towing equipment
Work of acting mechanisms


Identification of drivers – blocking of engine start without an id card
Identification of unloading – blocking of unloading of the harvester bunker

Instant alarms in case of any contingency:

  • Violation of speed modes
  • Deviation from the routes
  • Entrance in geozone, exit from geozone
  • Exceeding of idle time
  • Unauthorized bunker unloading
  • Sabotage of system functioning (shutdown, communication downtime etc.)

Our hardware-software complex can be integrated bilaterally with any other systems, including: satellite data transmission systems (satellite images and vegetation maps), a system of agrochemical soil analyses, a 1C program system, and many others.

Use Case

  • 1 – GPS tracker BITREK CONNECT
  • 2 – CAN reader
  • 3 – Tablet with applications
  • 4 – RFID readers (driver identification and unload
  • 5 – Fuel meters
  • 6 – I / O devices
  • 7 – Fuel level sensor
  • 8 – Sensors of grain level in the bunker
  • 9 – Auger operation sensor
  • 10 – Bunker unloading sensor
  • 11 – Antenna for precise positioning

Use Case

  • 1 – GPS tracker BITREK CONNECT
  • 2 – CAN reader
  • 3 – Tablet with applications
  • 4 – RFID reader (driver identification)
  • 5 – Fuel meters
  • 6 – I / O devices
  • 7 – Fuel level sensor
  • 8 – Towing equipment: connection and identification
  • 9 – Antenna for precise positioning

Use Case

  • 1 – GPS tracker BITREK CONNECT
  • 2 – CAN reader
  • 3 – Tablet with applications
  • 4 – RFID reader (driver identification)
  • 5 – Fuel meters
  • 6 – I / O devices
  • 7 – Fuel level sensor
  • 8 – Sensors for fuel level in the tank
  • 9 – RFID reader (fuel receiver)
  • 10 – Keyboard
  • 11 – Printer

Compatible equipment

Bitrek connect
BI 810 TREK / BI 820 TREK
VZO 4 / VZO 8
BI FlSensor
Sowing control system
Integration with any other optional equipment is possible.